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John Deere Kid's Gator HPX! For little one's born to roam the fields.

The John Deere Gator HPX can deal with any surface thanks to the tread wheels. The passenger seat allows kids to share their adventures. The enormous tipping body can be easily lifted from the front seats and can carry loads upto 10kg. The bench seat can be adjusted to four positions to suit any driver.

The accelerator pedal also functions as a brake once released making the gator extemely easy to drive. The second gear is lockable for those little learner drivers. The 12 volt battery is protected with a child-proof lock and can be charged whilst in the vehicle or after removal.


  • 12-volt rechargeable battery (charger included)
  • Smart Pedal Technology
  • 2 Forward Speeds (3mph & 6mph) and 1 Reverse
  • Accelerator & Brake on the same pedal
  • Adjustable seats which can be altered as your child grows
  • Dump Bed holds up to 10kg
  • 2 Drinks Holders
  • Removable Key Ignition 
  • Transparent Windshield
  • Horn

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Technical Specs:

Suitable for children aged 3+
Number of seats - 2
Number of gears - 2 + Reverse
Slope Capacity - 17%
Battery Duration - Up to 3-4 hours
Speed in 1st gear - 3.5km/h
Speed in 2nd gear (lockable) - 6.8km/h
Speed in reverse - 3.5km/h
Dimensions - 89.5 x 131 x 65.5cm (approx.)
Weight - 24.5kg
Maximum transportable weight - 60 + 10kg





Enquire about this product:

Call: (028) 79643569 

Text: 07841516549


John Deere Gator HPX 12V (3 Years +)

SKU: John Deere Gator
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