This Climbing frame frame is just like "The Ultimate Towers" Only we added a few extra hiding places. With a closed in top & closed in bottom       (similar to The Hide Out Den) and the 2nd tower also with a closed in bottom. Lots of fun to be had by all the kids and the friends





  • 2no 5Ft towers (both with roof, roof is felt lined also)
  • One tower closed in top half AND closed in bottom half (also a floor in closed up bottoms)
  • The Next tower also has closed in bottom (with another floor in this)
  • Strong wooden bridge connecting both towers
  • Set of swings attached 
  • Set of monkey bars
  • 9ft wave slide
  • Firemans pole
  • Rockwall with grab handles
  • Heavy duty steps (made from 6x2 & decking board which is rourtered into place)
  • Toy telescope
  • Toy steering wheel


This Climbing frame has it all. Hours and hours of fun in this one..........

Price is for Delivery & fitting this Climbing Frame in N.Ireland.

Call fitting price in south.




The Ultimate Hide-Out Towers