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Rollplay Turnado is perfect for the big kids!

The Rollplay 24V Turnado's unique design combines the stability and control of traditional scooter handlebars with an innovative wheel configuration.

The two larger front wheels provide smooth steering and balance, while the smaller rear wheels can pivot 360 degrees to generate a real drift, so your junior racer will experience the absolute thrill of seemingly traction-less movement.

While this effect creates extreme excitement for the rider, the pneumatic tyres themselves make for deep front wheel tread and smooth contact with the ground, helping maintain balance without sacrificing fun.

What's more, the Turnado has a controlled speed system that allows the driver to easily speed up and slow down for the best possible maneuvering of spins, turns, and other cool stunts.

All of these features have been recognized by Toys, Tots, Pets, and More Company. These accredited toy experts have given the Turnado a 4.5 star rating. Check out the Huffpost Review! 

With a 24-Volt battery-power drive system that can create speeds as high as 12 MPH, this ride-on is the most action-filled racing experience a young rider can enjoy!

Suitable for ages 8+ weighing up to 150 lb.




Features include: 

  • 12 MPH forward speed offers thrills and excitement
  • Has versatile torque steering capabilities: turns, twists, drifts, and spins.
  • Pneumatic wheels provide deeper tread and smoother road contact.
  • Dynamic speed and braking for better control and 24V motor drive for reliable use.
  • Unique low-riding design makes this an eye-catching choice in motorized ride-on vehicles.
  • Includes 24-Volt battery with charger


Enquire about this product:

Call: (028) 79643569
Text: 07841516549


Rollplay Turnado 24v Drift Racing Ride on (8years +)

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